Next-generation materials made with graphene

GT is an advanced materials company that has developed a proprietary technology for synthesizing highly-engineered graphene-based nanostructures. Our carbons are non-planar, possessing template-controlled three-dimensional geometries. This renders them distinct from other classes of nanostructured carbons such as exfoliated graphite or carbon nanotubes. GT’s patented, CO2-negative production method not only enables precise control over the structural attributes of the carbons, but confers environmental benefits, also.

Global leaders from several different industries have partnered with GT in order to develop polymer composites with our carbons, with initial product launches aimed for 2017. Companies or researchers who would like to evaluate GT’s materials should contact us for more information.

GT manufactures graphene and conducts research at a 9,000 sf facility in the San Francisco Bay area.


Matthew Bishop


Experienced business development and operations executive with expertise in rapidly growing carbon nanomaterials industry. USMC combat veteran with experience leading high-performing, cross-functional teams.

Terry Brookshire

Co-Founder, President

Serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits: Coventry Group, Group One (Trading) Ltd., Bridgepath/Bullhorn, Inc. Former Vice-Chairman, Pacific Stock Exchange, led development of state of the art trade execution systems.

Wayne Dickinson

Co-Founder, Chief Engineer

Developer of GT’s core technology portfolio. Over fifty years of solving complex problems for NASA, U.S. Navy, Stanford, Bechtel and more. Prolific inventor with over 50 patents.

Abhay Thomas, PhD

Director of Graphene Research

Graphene synthesis and applications specialist with direct experience in both top-down and bottom-up production methods. Thorough knowledge of graphene field and understanding of competitive technologies.Received PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Toshi Matsukawa

Director of Business Development, Asia

Senior Japanese businessman with expertise in international business and sales, negotiations and structuring partnerships. Represents GT interests in Asia.

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